Here at Itec Contract Floors we understand that excellent product quality and performance isn’t the only reassurance you might require We’ve put our acoustic, decorative and safety vinyl flooring through rigorous tests and submitted samples to various certification bodies for independent assessment on everything from impact on air quality to lifecycle analysis and chemical composition. The results speak for themselves and underline that vinyl flooring from Itec Contract Floors delivers exceptional quality, endorsed by recognised third-party bodies.

REACH is the European regulation in chemical substances, concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. REACH provides a high-level of protection for human health and the environment and is something we are committed to here at Itec Contract Floors. In fact, we go beyond REACH and do our best to find alternatives to chemicals that are environmentally harmful.

Itec Contract Floors is part of the world's leading sustainability assessment method and all Itec decorative, acoustic and safety vinyl have been certified by BRE Global in accordance with the 'cradle to grave' model that looks at environmental performance throughout every stage of its life. Environmental Profile certificates can be found on our downloads page. Discover how BREEAM is having a hugely positive impact on the built environment here.

The Contract Flooring Association is the commercial flooring industry's trade body and works to promote the highest levels of professionalism, safety and training to the industry. As an active manufacturer member, Itec Contract Floors takes its responsibility in the industry seriously and works hard to make sure that its products are installed to the highest possible standards. Itec Contract Floors recommends the use of a CFA contractor when installation its decorative, acoustic and safety vinyl flooring. A full list of contractor members can be found on the CFA directory.

Recovinyl Plus
An initiative of the European PVC industry, Recovinyl Plus demonstrates our commitment to advance the sustainable development of the PVC industry by improving production processes, minimising emissions, developing recycling technology and boosting the collection of recycling waste. IVC Group recycles its production waste and uses recycled PVC in the production process. Discover more about Recovinyl Plus.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
IVC Group has achieved the global quality management standard ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 that specifies environmental requirements for effective management. Itec Contract Floors prides itself of the principals of quality, efficiency and sustainability, the achievement of these key ISO management standards underlines our ongoing commitment to provide excellent quality products and service. Our effective quality management means you can be confident of the standard of all of our products while our efficient use of materials reduces our burden on the environment.

A+ Indoor Quality Accreditation
All Itec Contract Floors products have been certified to A+ IAQ, demonstrating a low amount of VOC emissions, tested under the French scheme, 'Emissions dans l'air interieur'. Testing emission levels 28 days after installation, this certification is among the most widely used in Europe and is testament to our commitment to ensure all Itec Contract Floors vinyl flooring products are suitable for use in public, commercial and private spaces.