Student Accommodation

With a range of acoustic flooring that offers residential looks combined with commercial performance, vinyl flooring from Itec Contract Floors could be the only flooring solution needed in student accommodation.

Dealing with acoustics and wear with a home-like feel

With student accommodation complexes providing high-standards of living and companies promoting comfortable, stylish and affordable living options; the role of flooring has become increasingly important.

Also, many student leasing contracts are also coming to an end on July 1st and landlords will begin to look towards refurbishment, so now is the time to start thinking about just what options there are for flooring in student accommodation.

One of the biggest issues facing flooring selection is how to create a home-like feel without sacrificing any of the practical and performance requirements required of commercial flooring, while meeting often strict budget requirements. Factors to be considered including durability, ease of maintenance and perhaps most importantly in multi-occupancy dwellings, acoustic performance.

Student bedrooms at Bristol University's Fusion House feature Itec acoustic flooring to combat sound and create a home like feel.

Improving acoustics

Combatting noise without having to resort to specialised underlays can have a huge impact on budgets and so Itec Contract Floors has developed a range of specialised acoustic vinyl that can reduce noise by up to 19dB between floors.

These acoustic floors also maintain a durable floor, achieving Class 33 Commercial Heavy rating, and are easy to maintain with the addition of Hyperguard+ PUR wear layer treatment. This helps to minimise permanent scuffs and stains, while allowing simple cleaning for maintenance staff.

The Optimise Timber collection is one of our best acoustic performers and provides 19dB of impact noise reduction and in a range of attractive wood looks, it is ideal for use in student accommodation. Contributing towards a home-like and comfortable interior in kitchens and living spaces, the floor is available in a range of wood looks, including popular grey woods and natural oak.

A two-metre width also makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, where the underfoot comfort of Itec Contract Floors acoustic vinyl comes into play.

All acoustic flooring from Itec Contract Floors delivers student accommodation projects an ideal blend of characteristics, while also providing excellent value that will help accommodation meet the demands of paying students and the needs of building owners for a floor that is tough and easy to keep looking good.

Thoroughfares and congregation areas

Here, acoustics take second place to durability. These busy areas need a floor that can withstand constant footfall and absorb the effects of trodden in dirt and debris without looking tired. In most student accommodation environments, this must also be married to a welcoming look that feels instantly inviting and comfortable. With Itec decorative vinyl flooring solutions, such as the Concept Woods collection, accommodation projects can benefit from home-like looks with Class 34 Very Heavy Commercial performance, meaning maximum wear resistance and longevity.

Corridors and communal areas at student accommodation for Edinburgh Napier University feature Itec decorative flooring to provide durability and create a home like feel.

These floors also feature Hyperguard+ PUR wear layer treatment for easy maintenance and scuff, stain and dirt resistance. Allowing simple cleaning for maintenance staff, it means that both private and public areas can use the same maintenance regimes while remaining looking good. For large areas, the option of a four-metre width can also help to eliminate seams, an area of potential failure.

In fact, with select decors across both acoustic and decorative flooring types, it becomes possible to create a unified look throughout the premises, while tailoring performance to a select area, ensuring that student accommodation projects benefit from a floor that delivers low maintenance and a surface that can withstand footfall without concern.

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