As part of the IVC Group, Itec Contract Floors is firmly committed to minimising the impact of its products and processes. With a full suite of environmental accreditations including BRE Environmental Profiles, Itec Contract Floors can provide your project with vinyl flooring designed to minimising impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. We are currently developing a new sustainability policy to replace our existing document and will bring news of this when it arrives, but here's a quick review of our current sustainable initiatives:

Wind Farms

Our three wind turbines at IVC Group's Avelgem HG generate more than one-third of all energy used at the plant.

Cooling Water

We use surface water from the nearby Scheldt river as coolant in the manufacturing process which has resulted in a 30% boost in energy efficiency.

Energy Recovery

We recover and re-use material, heat and energy in the production process wherever possible under our 'Big Commute' principal.

Waste Water

With the exception of tap water, our production site does not waste a drop of water. Water is not only used as a coolant, but also as a cleaning product during printing.


We recycle PVC waste from production, salvaging vinyl scraps for a variety of applications. All surplus PVC waste its recovered back into the production process.

Water-based Inks

We only use water-based inks for the printing of Itec flooring, eliminating the risk of hazardous toxins being released and reducing our overall carbon footprint.